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Inspection Specialties

EnvironmentalDisaster Recovery Forensic • Architectural/Engineering Services • Inspection Specialties 

property inspections, home inspections, building code
Consulting & Evaluation:

  • New & Existing Property Review/Inspections
              New & Existing Property Review (Commercial & Residential Inspections)
              Property Condition Assessments
              Property Transfer Review
              Pre-Purchase Review
              Finance Review
              Pre-Insurance Review
              Pre-Renovation Review
  • New Construction Review
              Plan & Specification Review
              Zoning/Building Code Review
              Contract Document Review
              Construction Payment Draw Review
                                      Progress Draw Review
                                      Final Draw Review
  • Permit Assistance
    Demolition Permits
              Fire Department Training Burn Permits
              Zoning and Building Permits
  • Code Specialists
              Building - Housing/Commercial
  • Building Code Special Inspection
  • Certified Construction Inspection
  • Certified Construction Manager
  • Safety Investigation
  • Drafting Service

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