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Forensic Consulting Services

EnvironmentalDisaster Recovery Forensic •  Construction Consulting • Inspection Specialties

epi's building forensic services include:

Collapsed Roof from Snow build-up


Civil & Structural:
       Structural Failures
       Design and Construction Defects and Property Losses
       Commercial & Residential Roofing
       Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), 
       Water Intrusion and Exterior Envelope Failures:
                 Weather-Related Damage
                 Property Damage
                 Scope & Damage Assessments
                 Fire & Water Intrusion
                 Expert Testimony

       Indoor Air Quality & Microbiological Evaluation
       Weather-Related Damage Analysis
       Property Damage
       Scope & Damage Assessments
       Asbestos & Lead Assessment Consulting
       Mold Assessment Consulting
       Litigation support and Expert Testimony

What is building forensic consulting? Building forensic consulting is the investigation of building design, structures, construction, materials, products, and/or components that fail or do not operate/function as intended, resulting in personal injury and/or damage to property.

epi Investigations, Inc.'s (epi) forensic consultants provide expert analysis to determine the cause and origin of damages to building structures. Our highly specialized professionals provide expert opinions and testimony on matters such as structural integrity, mechanical or electrical evaluation, and analysis of building product failures, design and construction defects, and inadequate building maintenance. Each project is unique and epi approaches each investigation with fully qualified specialists and a multi-disciplinary team to oversee the project. Not only can epi's professionals determine the scope of damage and associated estimated costs to repair, but they can also design and oversee the remediation construction process to ensure the work outlined in the remediation design is actually being performed as specified.

epi specializes in investigating fraud and related matters in design and construction insurance claim verification.  

epi assists Insurance Carrier's Special Investigation Units (SIU) in evaluating the merits of specific claims.

epi provides Forensic Architecture, Engineering and Health & Safety accident investigations for litigation support and insurance claims in Construction Defect Claims & Health & Safety Accidents.

Licensed and experienced in providing expert testimony in civil and criminal proceedings.

epi provides training/education seminars on location for legal and insurance professionals


For More Information, please contact Michael Berreau at; phone: 612-366-3238. 


epi is a Minnesota Licensed Private Detective Agency - License #966

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